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The city of Aomori is the prefectural capital city and the gateway to the prefecture's abundant regional escapes.
You can travel almost any direction and you will soon be in one of the Aomori's food and rice wine (Well-known Japanese Sake), scenic, adventure or relaxation regions.
Whether you are following an itinerary or making your own way around, you'll be graced with breathtaking landscapes. Such as Lake Towada, Mount Hakkoda and the Shirakami Mountain Range (a World Heritage Site), ruins from the Jomon period such as those at the Sannai Maruyama Historical Site, and a variety of festivals, rich in local color.

We introduce you the one of the golden routes for travellers in Aomori. – Great Hakkoda-Towada touring route.
From the prefectural capital city, Aomori, the Great Hakkoda-Towada Touring Route travels south-east to the Lake Towada, past the very famous winter resort MECCA Mount Hakkoda and the hot springs of Sukayu to the scenic the Oirase Gorge.
The route is famous for the imposing beauty of Lake Towada and surrounding area. Turn inland to the walking trails, rivers, waterfalls, and wildflowers of the Towada-Hachimandaira National Park. The final leg of the journey heads east to Hachinohe city and the Nanbu region, the gate to the pacific oceans, where you can experience what life is like on the other side of this prefecture. 

Things to do around Aomori

  • Visit the Sannai Jomon Park.
  • See the city sights while dining on the top floor of Aspum.
  • Walk the streets of Aomori under the expert hand of someone who knows their way about and explore Lanes and Arcades or the Fashion Triangle.
  • Tour Hakkoda and Lake Towada.
  • Ride to the top of the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere for a panoramic view of Aomori.
  • See it all with the Aomori and Beyond Smartvisit Card
  • Self Drive Tours along The Great Hakkoda Road and/or Lake Towada.


Day Trips From Aomori 
                - Experience a day of nature and wilderness in the Shirakami National Park.

  • A wine experience package for two, which includes a smartcard, directory and audio CD, that is valid for 12 months from first use. Wineries with CellarPass.
  • See some of the world's most spectacular coastal scenery on the Great Hakkoda-Towada Road
  • Explore the winding roads around Shirakami Mount Range(WHS) and enjoy the panoramatic view. 
  • See a wide variety of fish on the Asamushi aquarium Tour.

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